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course [Teaching With Google Classroom]

course [Teaching With Google Classroom]

Learn how to create, use, and teach creative, memorable lessons using Google Classroom.

 What you'll learn

Understand how Google Classroom with impact teaching and learning

Learn best practices for creating engaging assignments in Google Classroom

Understand how to create quizzes and tests that automatically grade themselves

Create a class in Google Classroom

Change Classroom settings to encourage a positive learning environment

Enroll students into a Classroom

Create assignments and announcements

Learn how to communicate with students using Google Classroom


  • G Suite for Education or Personal Google Account
  • Google Classroom enabled
  • Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Forms


Do you have access to Google Apps for Education?Are you tired of printing, collecting, and grading worksheets?Do you want to create dynamic lessons for your students that engage them in new ways?Then this is the right course for you. This course is packed with simple to follow lessons that will show you how to use Google Classroom like an expert. With Google Classroom, teachers can create dynamic lessons that are student centered, collaborative, and memorable. Like you, I am a teacher that is trying to find ways to engage my students fully. I've been teaching for the past five years in online, blended, and bricks and mortar settings.Google Classroom provides an easy to use learning management system that students of all levels will be able to interact with. I've taken the time to explore the ins and outs of Google Classroom and I've identified the common pitfalls that come with using something new.By the end of this course you will be able to use Google Classroom like an pro and create engaging lessons for your students. With Google Classroom you will be able to teach your students at all times, weather they are in school or not.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 About the Instructor

Lecture 2 Google Classroom Quickstart

Lecture 3 About the Course

Lecture 4 Requirements

Section 2: Google Classroom Updates

Lecture 5 Updates Intro

Lecture 6 2022 Updates

Lecture 7 April 2020 Update: Google Meets

Lecture 8 January 2019 Update

Section 3: Setting Up Your Class

Lecture 9 Getting a Google Account and Signing In

Lecture 10 Creating a Class

Lecture 11 Classroom Navigation

Lecture 12 Class Settings

Lecture 13 Enrolling Students

Lecture 14 Class Look and Feel

Lecture 15 Google Drive Changes

Section 4: Managing Your Class

Lecture 16 Topics

Lecture 17 Announcements

Lecture 18 Assignments

Lecture 19 Quiz Assignment

Lecture 20 Questions

Lecture 21 Materials

Lecture 22 Reusing Posts

Lecture 23 Ordering and Movings Classwork

Lecture 24 Editing and Deleting

Lecture 25 Assignment Dashboard

Lecture 26 Student Communication

Lecture 27 Parent Communication

Section 5: Teaching with Google Classroom

Lecture 28 Preparing for the Transition

Lecture 29 Creating Assignments

Lecture 30 Uploading vs. Linking

Lecture 31 YouTube Teaching

Lecture 32 Creative Ways to Use Docs

Lecture 33 Giving Quizzes and Tests

Lecture 34 Individual/Group Assignments

Lecture 35 Returning Assignments

Lecture 36 My Experience

Section 6: Grading

Lecture 37 Comments

Lecture 38 Docs

Lecture 39 Sheets

Lecture 40 Slides

Lecture 41 Multiple Attachments

Lecture 42 Forms

Lecture 43 Questions

Section 7: Student View

Lecture 44 Student View Introduction

Lecture 45 Student Navigation

Lecture 46 Announcements

Lecture 47 Quiz Assignment

Lecture 48 Questions

Lecture 49 Materials

Lecture 50 Assignments Overview

Lecture 51 Docs

Lecture 52 Sheets

Lecture 53 Slides

Lecture 54 Multiple Attachments

Lecture 55 Student Grades

Section 8: New Online Educators

Lecture 56 Introduction to Being an Online Educator

Lecture 57 Tips for Teaching Online

Lecture 58 Tools for Online Teaching

Lecture 59 Image/Video Resources

Lecture 60 How to Record Your Screen

Lecture 61 Types of Videos that You Can Make

Lecture 62 Unit/Lesson Layout

Lecture 63 Example Lesson Making

Lecture 64 Presentation Tips

Section 9: Answering Your Questions

Lecture 65 Worksheets Outside of Google

Lecture 66 How Long Did My Student Spend on an Assignment?

Lecture 67 Updating Comments After a Resubmission

Section 10: Archived/Outdated Lessons

Lecture 68 Section 2: Creating a Class (Pre-2018)

Lecture 69 Section 2: Classroom Navigation (Pre-2018)

Lecture 70 Section 2: Class Settings (Pre-2018)

Lecture 71 Section 2: Enrolling Students (Pre-2018)

Lecture 72 Section 2: Class Look and Feel (Pre-2018)

Lecture 73 Section 2: Google Drive Changes (Pre-2018)

Lecture 74 Section 3: Announcements (Pre-2018)

Lecture 75 Section 3: Assignments (Pre-2018)

Lecture 76 Section 3: Questions (Pre-2018)

Lecture 77 Section 3: Reusing Posts (Pre-2018)

Lecture 78 Section 3: Grading and Feedback (Pre-2018)

Lecture 79 Section 3: The Gradebook (Pre-2018)

Lecture 80 Section 3: Assignment Dashboard (Pre-2018)

Lecture 81 Section 3: Student Communication (Pre-2018)

Lecture 82 Section 3: Parent Communication (Pre-2018)

Lecture 83 Section 4: Student Grades

Section 11: Course Wrap-Up

Lecture 84 Course Survey

Lecture 85 How to Leave a Review on Udemy

Lecture 86 Thank You

Teachers,School Administrators,Professors,IT Personnel

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